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which he inoculated animals with tubercle bacilli which had been
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stomach once a day and often the process need be repeated only every
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acquired by the former as late as the seventh month of utero gestation.
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As a rule the diaphragm is pushed up and the lung displaced rather
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sist after complete recovery from the articular affection.
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excessive mental labor and anxiety of business affairs are causes. It
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it is probable for opportunities of ascertaining by actual dissection
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will produce glycosuria. Any irritation therefore involving the periph
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In view of V. d. Velden s investigations already mentioned the adminis
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between pyloric carcinoma and pyloric or duodenal ulcer is sometimes
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hyperplasia. Simple hypertrophy is probably a common complication in
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anal region and are met with in this situation more frequently among
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transverse than normal. If the pylorus be fixed the lesser curvature

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