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What Does Kola Nut Represent In Things Fall Apart

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In the same w ay ulcers of the stomach produced by corrosive poisons
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Chronic dysentery is distinguished by the alterations which occur in
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the physical signs may be and are usually alike when the condition
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sloping off gradually partly very steeply and somewhat thickened.
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lingers in our swamps and valleys and upon our eastern plains. Its
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tuberculin while it has a specific effect against tubercular lesions
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But if the cord is suspended below the seat of fracture the traction
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The ultimate result of the hemorrhage depends greatly upon the previous
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true line of action in difficult labor often lies out of the direction
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withstanding their servile condition. This at first sight would seem to
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In Africa it has been noticed that dysentery appears with the rainy
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the naked eye. At the present time we can only confirm them by
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consumption and other disorders associated with deficient digestion and
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ment but unaccompanied by redness or swelling affect one or frequently
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bid conditions of the upper portion of the intestinal track as indicated
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adapted to the individual organism is apt to excite dyspeptic symptoms.
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The period of time elapsing before the serious symptoms come on is
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