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ImbertN 3o reports a peculiar case of tracheocele occurring in a
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severe neuralgic pain. In a case occurring at St. l artholomew s
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almost latent course so far as the gastric symptoms are concerned and in
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intervening connective tissue resulting in a sclerosis an induration of
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attributed to the gastric disturbances that so often accompany the forms
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and collapse showing albumen 3 cases commencing with nervous symp
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of a meal or poisonous matter it continues for some time before purging
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sometimes be given if enemata fail but the least irritating one should be
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in the former can be assimilated when the quantity in the latter cannot
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oxygen inhaled. A consideration of this axiom explains several circum
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tricles diminishes and Avith the commencement of lactation a sud
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rapid and feeble. The face is pale anxious and drawn facies hippo
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the Registrar General of England for the years 1851 60 ten deaths under
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successful treatment of this disease that the food should be of the right
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small kidney is a rare complication of cancer of the stomach. Hydro
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sense of suffocation is imminent and thus worn out by suffering and
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however is neither peculiar to gastric cancer nor present in all cases of

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