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ments. In applying the faradic current an electrode is introduced into

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tion of the temporary teeth. It is infrequent during the fourth year of

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the bowel contracting as a result of cicatrization. In adults generally

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one attack rather predisposing to than preventing another.

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which although the temperature was 110 no cerebral symptoms nor

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concert of action in virtue of which the whole muscular apparatus of the

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to yield to purely medicinal treatment leeching or venesection may be

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conclusion is not often reached is because of intercurrent maladies. It is

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experience respecting the part which wine and beer play as predisposing

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apartments a generous diet in which wholesome animal food should

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ficial inflammations which exist associated with the different varieties of

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great caution should be taken against excessive muscular fatigue as well

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Joss of appetite and occasional griping ains or a tendency to looseness

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rent convalescence the patient becomes restless irritable excited and

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there constricted. The constricted intestine Avas about four feet in length.

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